Other than education requirements, what else should I know about becoming a CSI?

Because CSI’s will spend nearly all of their time processing crime scenes they should be in good physical condition. Processing a crime scene will be a more physically demanding than you would expect. The job normally involves extensive kneeling, climbing, and crouching, as well as lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Photography is a must-have skill for becoming a CSI. Since you will photograph a lot while on the job, you should know about all types of cameras, how cameras work, and advanced techniques of photography. Check out a few books on photography if you want to learn more.

You do not have to be an expert, but you should know how to write and speak effectively. CSI’s are required to document the crime scene and their investigative activities in written reports. Documenting the scene will also include sketching and photography. Once the case goes to trial, CSI’s are placed on the witness stand to describe their findings to the judge and jury in layman’s terms.

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